AODocs for education

Learn anytime, anywhere

Give easy access to learning resources in Google Drive, allowing students to work anywhere, on their Chromebook or any other device.

Save on infrastructure costs

Replace costly on-premises infrastructure by leveraging Google Drive’s free storage.

Improve document organization

Protect and organize your digital curriculum in a secured, centrally-managed repository. Make your documents easily accessible to students and teachers.

Protect your data

Protect assets and documents against accidental loss when a teacher or a student leaves the organization.

Know your students

Archive students' past work and benchmark assignments to allow teachers to evaluate each student’s level faster when taking over a new class.

  • "AODocs made it possible for us to manage our mobile learning resources in Google Drive"
    — Gordon Crosher, IT manager Gordon’s college

More than 100,000 users in 60 educational organizations use AODocs