Migrate Sharepoint

Migrate your legacy SharePoint repositories to the Cloud with AODocs


AODocs offers all the features of SharePoint Document Libraries and Lists, built on top of Google Drive’s best in class collaboration environment. With our SharePoint migration connector, you can easily import your SharePoint content into AODocs, and preserve all the custom document properties, the document permissions, and even the full document history with previous versions.





Why migrate to AODocs ?

  • Save up to 75% on infrastructure, maintenance and administration costs by replacing expensive on-premises servers with a cost-effective, reliable cloud based application
  • Make your business documents accessible anywhere, on any device while preserving the custom properties and version history that you had in SharePoint
  • Simplify access control on all your documents with Google accounts single sign-on and Google Groups
  • Consolidate all your business documents on the Google Drive storage platform
  • Leverage Google Drive’s collaborative features to make your team more agile, while benefiting from the security and structure of an enterprise-grade document management system
After a quick migration, our users can now access our SharePoint documents directly in Google Drive from anywhere. Our documents are secured by AODocs, and we save money on infrastructure costs.

William Freund, General Manager, GBS, Inc

How does it work ?

  • The AODocs migration tool automatically imports your SharePoint Team Sites and Document Libraries into AODocs document libraries
  • All the properties of your SharePoint documents, including custom properties, sharing permissions, last update date, previous versions are preserved by the migration
  • After the migration, the files stored in your SharePoint Team Sites and Document Libraries can be accessed directly from the Google Drive Web interface and mobile applications
  • The AODocs user interface provides all the document management functions featured by SharePoint, such as version control, structured search on custom document properties, check-in/check-out and workflow
  • The AODocs migration tool supports all SharePoint versions from 2007 to 2013



What can AODocs do ?