Safe Collaboration in Google Drive

Share content with your team and collaborate together as easily as in a regular Google Drive folder while protecting your content against accidental data loss. Push your documents to all team members.

  • Corporate ownership – all files are owned by a corporate Google Drive account
  • Folder integrity protection – prevent users from moving files out of a Google Drive shared folder
  • File loss prevention – prevent users from deleting files or folders in Google Drive
  • File recovery – dedicated trash per folder with configurable retention time
  • Office files collaboration – edit and save Office documents directly in Google Drive and lock files against concurrent modifications
  • Breadcrumbs – view your document’s parent folder path in the Google Docs editor
  • Search in folder – narrow keyword search to a specific Google Drive folder
  • Pushed folders – automatically add a Team Folder to the users’ My Drive
  • Folder picker – easily access all your Team Folders from Google Drive and star your favorite folders
Safe Collaboration in Google Drive

Google Drive. Secured.

Protect your sensitive documents against accidental sharing to unauthorized viewers, and lock down the folder structure by preventing end-users from creating, renaming or moving subfolders, while letting them edit documents.

  • Secured sharing – prevent users from sharing files or folders in Google Drive
  • Folder structure protection – prevent end users from creating, renaming, moving subfolders in Google Drive
  • Folder structure replication – turn your Google Drive folder structure into a template and replicate it to multiple Team Folders in a few clicks
  • Bulk permission setting – apply a folder’s sharing permissions recursively to all its files and subfolders in Google Drive
  • External sharing control – configure a whitelist of external users, groups and domains with whom external sharing is authorized
Google Drive. Secured.

Documents in Context

Organize your documents in a structured library, with custom document properties of any type, and attach any Google Drive files. Configure personalized views to display and browse your documents. Define business workflows with multiple approval steps, customized notification emails, expiration dates, and more advanced business logics with custom scripts.

  • Document metadata – tag your Google Drive documents with any type of properties (strings, numbers, people, URLs, dates, value lists, …)
  • Custom document views – configure list views and reports by selecting columns, sort order, and filters
  • Advanced search – combine multiple search criteria like keywords, metadata values, date ranges and numerical values
  • Geolocation – tag documents with geographic location data and search your documents by distance on a map
Documents in Context

Version Control

Keep multiple versions of your documents without creating duplicate files. Make sure your users have always access to the latest version of each document, while being able to easily open previous versions

  • Version control – create new versions of Google Drive documents, and view or revert to previous versions
  • Check-in / Check-out – prevent concurrent modifications and enforce strict version control via document check-in / check-out in Google Drive
Version Control

Business Applications

Create custom business applications on top of AODocs by integrating your document repository and workflow with your ERP, CRM or other enterprise components

  • Workflow – define business workflows in Google Drive in a few clicks, with fully configurable workflow steps, approval paths, time-based reminders, and customizable notification messages.
  • Custom scripting – implement custom business rules and actions by attaching custom scripts to specific events like document updates or workflow activity.
  • REST API – leverage the AODocs API to access, create and update documents or trigger workflow actions from external applications
  • Master data management – synchronize your business data like lists of customers, facilities, SKUs, etc with AODocs data lists to ensure consistency between your business applications and AODocs applications
Business Applications